Tail Hikers 10-pack

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Tail Hikers 10-pack

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Svartzonker Tail Hiker is the fastest and easiest way to turn any type of lure into a hybrid tail bait.
Just screw it in, snap it on and fish.
Use it on jerkbaits, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, tailbaits or spoons.
Mount it with soft plastic tails, paddles, spinner spoons or just to make your soft plastic lure into a jointed swimbait for that erratic swimming action. The SZ tail hiker is also the perfect way to mount an offset hook to any type of soft plastic.

-10 pcs a pack
-Made from heavy duty stainless steel.
-Super durable
-Oversized screw for fast mounting

There are so many ways to use the SZ tail hiker…. sky’s the limit.

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