Envirometal & sustainability

For us, it is important to work for a better environment

We at Svartzonker have made a choice. We have chosen to let the environment play a role. A great role, in both big and small. Regardless of whether it is a requirement for suppliers on the other side of the world, or how we recycle milk cartons in the lunch room. It's about pulling our straw to the stack, so that the earth is sustainable long as possible. We believe in the common power that together can all make a difference.

We simply love the environment!

Everything we do at Svartzonker is based on the joy of being out on the water. Therefore, it's especially important for us to take responsibility for the products we sell. We focus on working with our suppliers to develop products that are within the limit recommended by REACH.

We choose to make our lures in phthalate-free and environmentally friendly plastic. We use zinc instead of lead in many of our hard baits and accessories. This is also to deliver a safer product for the user.

We are constantly working to reduce the plastic in our packaging and replace it with more environmentally friendly alternatives. We also choose to re-use packing materials to a large extent. What cannot be reused will end up on the recycling station. Our markting is digital based and invoices are sent and received as PDF on e-mail.

In our transports to and from Svartzonker we try to find good alternatives for the environment. On our sea transport we make co-shipments to reduce the environmental impact.

For us, it is important to take social responsibility.
Directly and indirectly, we as a company not only affect our employees but also individuals throughout the value chain. We have chosen suppliers who take both a social and a work environmental responsibility.
We also make social investments and are sponsors of charitable organizations.