About Us

Svartzonker was born as an idea during a summer night in Stockholm's stream.

A vision of a hobby that been just a thought, became reality. Many nights later, the name Svartzonker had been established as a nickname for Claes, as his first trout was caught on a Svartzonker fly.

Stubbornness, curiosity and a clear mind set to create lures that catches many and large fish. This has led us to our best-selling and successful lures such as McTail and McRubber.

We are proud to own and design all our products ourselves.

All the designs, innovative systems and fantastic rod series are created with the thought and desire to go out on the waters. We at Svartzonker have the goal of making sportfishing and the time spent in our nature the best experience possible.

From having our stock in the apartment to being a functional company with a few employees, the journey has been both long, a little uphill, but also a great learning experience .

We try to solve most things on our own as a team where everyone in the company has their specialized know-how.

We have gone from not having any catalog at all, to today having a reseller-adapted website where you place orders directly to us.

We strive to maintain a high level of service both in terms of deliveries and availability. We work hard with marketing materials, all in order for the customer to be able to access movies, product images and advertising pictures easily and smoothly.

A few years ago we also took the full step and created a web shop for anyone who wants to try to build their own lures by opening Betesbyggarkiosken.

Here as everywhere in the company, we share our knowleage in order to help our customers to create their own lures. There is nothing like the joy of catching fish on a completely own creation.

We are a small company and we try to live as we learn. More love, understanding and patience will create the possibility of growth and success.

Claes, Lotta, Jocke and Solle