McRubber Junior 17cm - C15 Tiger Walleye

Category: Soft bait

McRubber Junior 17cm - C15 Tiger Walleye

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McRubber Junior 17cm
Soft bait

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Don't get fooled by the size. Even though McR Jr, with its 17cm looks quite small, the pikes can't leave it alone. You can rig it with one or two hooks on the stinger, or a offset hook for narrow waters.

It only weighs 45 grams, so you can easily fish it on lighter gear, but hold on tight, the big pikes won´t say no.

* Sold in packs of 2
* 17cm, 47gr +-
* Made of ftalat-free plastisol
* Hand-painted
* Designed in Sweden by Svartzonker