SZ McShade Sunglasses Chrome

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SZ McShade Sunglasses Chrome

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SZ Shades comes in three different designs with lenses tailored for different lights.
The lens is made of polycarbonate with a protective film that makes them durable and strong.

All lenses are CE-marked, which guarantees a high UV protection, where most of the dangerous UV radiation is filtered out.

SZ Shades are really in its right element on the water thanks to the polarization but is also classy and brings fishing “mojo" out on the streets.

Chrome - Adapted for strong sunlight and are optimized for clear, sunny days.

Grey Green - Allround lens that works well all year round, for both cloudy and clear days.

Brown - Optimized for cloudy days, when the rain falls or during autumn / winter when the sun is not quite as strong. Also, a lens to recommend during the days the weather is changing quickly.

The frame is made of luxury acetate with an integrated steel wire, which allows you to shape the frame for personal fitting.

In other words, a pair of quality glasses that lasts for a long time!

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