GlideTail spare tail 15-pack Mix 1

Glide Tail is a spare tail for your tail and glidebaits.

This tail has a slim profile, which will make it dance through the water even by the slightest movement. They will also help your baits to get an easier glide in the water. Only you can decide what color suits your water best.

The tail is cupped in the part that is screwed onto the bait for great fitting. Fix it with a drop of super glue so the tail stays in place.

Experiment and play around with single or two coloured tails. Pimp your baits and you´ll find the ultimate combo just for you!

Mix pack of 5 colors and you get 3 of each color, totally 15 pcs.

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  • 1 x McTail Glide Tail 3-pack C1 Chartreuse
  • 1 x McTail Glide Tail 3-pack C6 Silver Glitter
  • 1 x McTail Glide Tail 3-pack C10 Motoroil
  • 1 x McTail Glide Tail 3-pack C16 Pearl White/Fl.Yellow
  • 1 x McTail Glide Tail 3-pack C18 Black/Gold

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