Big Glide 23 cm - C17 OR Belly Perch

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Big Glide 23 cm - C17 OR Belly Perch

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Big Gilde is a classic style gliding jerkbait that you can fish in many different ways.

When straight retrieved the Big Glide swims in a wide S-curve.
When twitched, the bait moves in a steady short side to side action.
If you fish it classic jerkbait style with harder pulls on each jerk, the bait will swim with long big glides.

Big Glide sinks with a fantastic belly roll on the drop.
Built super strong and handles any fish, fresh or saltwater!

• 22,5 cm / 8,85 inch
• 192 gram / 6,77 oz
• Swims on 0,5 m–3 m / 1,5 feet – 9,8 feet
• Made from 1piece solid foaming ABS
• 2 mm / .078-inch stainless steel wire through
• Non-Lead - Weighted with zinc
• Armed with sharp 4/0 VMC hooks
• Heavy-duty stainless-steel split rings 9mm
• Hand painted
• Designed in Sweden