McShaker Pike 50 g Bait Fish - BBK Custom

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McShaker Pike 50 g Bait Fish - BBK Custom

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Hard bait

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The McShaker bladed jig by Svartzonker runs with a steady, wandering action and powerful vibrations. The head is made of environmentally friendly zinc.

Equipped with hand tied custom silicone skirt with tons of flash strains, stainless steel blade and super sharp custom hooks.

Rip it, jig it or straight retrieve it. Custumize you shaker with any of the Svartzonker tails.

* 1 pack
* 16cm, 23 cm inkl. tail
* Total weight 50g (the head 25g)
* Made of environmentally friendly zinc
* Custom sharp 7/0 and 6/0 trailer hook
* Hand tied silicone shirt
* Designed in Sweden by Svartzonker